A must have for racing fanatics - Rolex Daytonas

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Published: 15th June 2010
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Rolex is not only one of the best watchmakers the world has seen, but the company also has a deeply entwined history with racing. In the 1930s, both chronographs and automobiles were in their beginning stages. By 1930, Rolex was already producing chronographs. Here started a long standing relationship between Rolex watches and racing. In 1935, Sir Malcolm Campbell, a true daredevil set out with a Rolex on his wrist entered history by setting the world land speed record by reaching 484 kilometers or 300 miles an hour!

But Rolex's deep embedded passion for racing is based on one fundamental question- is it harder to make it around the track or the clock? It is common knowledge that top speeds are maintained for a long time in races. But what about races that extends for 24 hours, in tracks that are illuminated only 20% during the night? Now that takes rare caliber that only few possess. And this is exactly what makes Rolex 24 at Daytona, at Daytona International Speedway one of the most challenging and popular races! It is a race that requires adequate rest and a resilient machine; it is a race that tests a person's patience and speed! And this race has been going on from 1962!

Rolex proves its obsession with perfection with the Cosmograph Daytona. This Rolex Daytona was designed to act as the perfect assessment tools to the racers in various endurance races. While the central sweep seconds hand allows reading up to the accuracy of 1/8th of a second. Two counters present at 3 and 9 measure the minute and hour respectively. This helps the driver in mapping his course time accurately and helps him to determine how he should drive in order to get ahead in the race.

Another remarkable feature of the Rolex Daytona is its 4130 chronograph movement. The Rolex Chronograph Daytona is immaculately designed. And beneath these cool, elegant exteriors lies a specimen of remarkable watchmaking art. This 4130 chronograph caliber moment was thought of and assembled by Rolex in 2000. This was done exclusively for the Cosmograph Daytona. It incorporates just about 290 parts which is far lesser than any other ordinary chronograph. This is proof of the simplicity behind this marvelous watch! The Rolex Daytona has a 72 hour power reserve, 66 hours if the stop watch is being used. Inside, there is a blue Parachrom hairspring. This hairspring is made out of special alloys that ensure that it is impervious to magnetic fields. This provides the Cosmograph Daytona with its blue Parachrom hairspring 10 times more shock resistance than the traditional hairsprings.

The Rolex Daytona is a watch that has been designed keeping in mind certain racing requirements. So, in accordance, the Rolex Daytona's engraved bezel can be used as a tachymeter in order to calculate speed by measuring elapsed time over a pre-determined distance. This makes the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona a perfect gadget to measure speed up to 400 units- whether expressed in terms of miles or kilometers.

Rolex believes in perfection of all the watches that they come out with. And to achieve this perfection, they need to make form and function perform together. The engineers at Rolex have applied the most advanced technology in order to come up with the perfect spring that would activate the chronograph mechanism when pressure of a finger is applied on the pushers. This does not only ensure the proper functioning of the chronograph, but also a clear, crisp 'click' that is known by the wearers of these Rolex watches.

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is a watch that has been exclusively crafted for the racer in you. This Rolex Daytona is available in steel, steel and yellow gold, yellow gold, white gold and everose gold. The size of the watch is 40 mm. It features a COSC certified chronograph. The bezel is engraved tachymeter and the crystal is sapphire. The dial is either white, steel, black, champagne or pink depending on the bracelet you choose. The white gold Rolex Daytona comes with a leather bracelet, whereas the rest of them have Oysterlock bracelets. All the Rolex Daytonas have self winding movement and they are water resistant till 100 meters or 330 feet.

The Rolex Daytona is one of the best Rolex watches. It is actually one of the finest watches the world has seen. It is elegant, stylish and packs a lot of functions- which is extremely beneficial, especially if you are a driver. So, if you want to get in touch with the racer in you, then the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is the watch for you!

Darius Hough is the owner of a trunk-full of Rolex Watches. His favorite is the Rolex Daytona and the Black Rolex DLC. You can say he knows his Rolexes very well and goes for the pieces that best describe his personality.

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